The Rise of the New Intelligentsia

Copyright © Larry Johnson November 2020 In recent times there has been a development in what can be termed the ‘intelligentsia’. Society has probably always included such an establishment, most likely becoming more prominent in the 18th Century or perhaps even with Reformation in the 16th century; when too many supposed they had discovered the … Continue reading The Rise of the New Intelligentsia

The Lost Art of the Civil Debate

© Larry Stephen Johnson – July 2019 One of the characteristics of the modern world is the ever increasing inability for the populous to conduct a civil debate. One ponders on the narratives of our predecessors, where the evidence indicates that members of society from varied callings were able to participate in an argument without … Continue reading The Lost Art of the Civil Debate

Ever Descending Standards

Copyright © Larry Johnson 2019 Some years ago, I was privy to comments that standards once accepted by society had been lowered. The remark didn’t concern itself so much with the fact that agreed norms for the culture were being under-mined; but that the actual benchmarks were themselves being devalued. I concurred somewhat with the … Continue reading Ever Descending Standards