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The Rise of the New Intelligentsia

Copyright © Larry Johnson November 2020 In recent times there has been a development in what can be termed the ‘intelligentsia’. Society has probably always included such an establishment, most likely becoming more prominent in the 18th Century or perhaps even with Reformation in the 16th century; when too many supposed they had discovered the … Continue reading The Rise of the New Intelligentsia

Why Co-Vid 19?

Copyright © Larry Johnson July 2020 From the outset it is necessary to state that the focus of this essay is directed primarily to Christians. However, having affirmed as much, I believe there is something for those of all faiths and the non-believing; the latter I will consider presently. I believe the event of Co-VID … Continue reading Why Co-Vid 19?


Copyright © Larry Johnson May 2020 In a previous essay (The Sunday Dilemma) I broached the concept of intention. In this edition I would like to expand these thoughts a little further. My declaration references Psalm 127 (126). The first verse is as follows: ‘Unless the Lord builds the house Those who build it labour … Continue reading Intention

The News Media Rampage

Copyright © Larry Johnson 2020 At the outset of this essay I provide forewarning that to some, the contents may at various points appear to be cold hearted or unsympathetic. However it will be difficult to relate some views without accepting this risk. In the event that the reader is affronted I will understand the … Continue reading The News Media Rampage

The Jury

Copyright © Larry Johnson 2019 One of my favourite writers, G.K. Chesterton, once wrote an interesting essay titled ‘The Twelve Men’. Ladies will have to excuse the title as the essay was written in the early Twentieth Century when women didn’t enjoy the equality now observed. In his essay he explained that the benefit of … Continue reading The Jury

Ever Descending Standards

Copyright © Larry Johnson 2019 Some years ago, I was privy to comments that standards once accepted by society had been lowered. The remark didn’t concern itself so much with the fact that agreed norms for the culture were being under-mined; but that the actual benchmarks were themselves being devalued. I concurred somewhat with the … Continue reading Ever Descending Standards

The Movement to Legalise Abortion: Some Forgotten Details

Copyright © Larry Johnson – August 2019 It may be of interest to the pro-abortionist fraternity that the feminist movement was not always in favour of the legalisation of the procedure and that key instigators of the movement in the 20th Century retreated from their initial stance. I cite the following examples: The medical profession … Continue reading The Movement to Legalise Abortion: Some Forgotten Details

The Sunday Dilemma

Copyright© Larry Johnson 2019 It’s been more than fifty years since the Second Vatican Council, with Roman Catholic attendance at Sunday Mass declining markedly since then. The experiment in ‘Protestanising’ the Catholic Liturgy has been nowhere near a success. This is not to denigrate the Vatican II documents; it’s just that very few in the … Continue reading The Sunday Dilemma

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